Actual Uses Of A Dental Crown In Protecting Your Teeth

The dental crowns usually cover the implants. It makes a person look better all around by replacing missing teeth. If you have a stain or a missing tooth, you can change something about your smile. Talk to our dentist in McKinney, TX, as soon as possible to learn more about dental crowns.

Some people have lost a lot of enamel on one or more teeth due to decay. Because of this, the tooth or teeth become weak. Most of the time, a crown that already exists helps fix and protect a damaged tooth or teeth. Red Oak Family Dentistry has several options, one of which is crowns made of ceramic or porcelain.

Crowns made just for you will look like your natural teeth and won’t stand out. The crown goes over the whole tooth and protects it from further damage. It also gives the damaged tooth more support. Crowns are a quick, easy, and long-lasting way to fix broken teeth. Visit Red Oak Family Dental in McKinney, Texas, to learn more about dental crowns and bridges. Here are a few actual uses of a dental crown:

Covers Our Teeth

A dental crown fixes a tooth and covers it. Chewing on a damaged tooth or a worn-out tooth can be very painful. A dentist may put a crown over the tooth to protect it and make it work again. The dentist uses crowns when fillings arena isn’t enough to protect, cover, and fix the shape of your teeth. Metal, porcelain, resin, and ceramics can help make teeth crowns. Most of the time, they don’t need anything special other than good oral hygiene.

Cover A Dental Implant

One of the most common ways to use a dental crown is to replace one or more missing teeth. An oral surgeon will put a dental implant in the jawbone and let it heal to stabilize dentures or a single tooth. The crown rests on the implant, and the two work together to create a dental restoration that looks, feels, and works like a natural tooth.

Put A Dental Bridge In Place

A dental bridge is another way to replace one or more missing teeth. If the patient doesn’t want an implant, the dentist may put crowns on the teeth next to the gap to hold the bridge in place. The bridge will look and work like a natural tooth, and they will attach it to the crowns of its anchors.

Improve The Look Of A Tooth As A Whole

Many get crowns because they are the best way to cover up discolored or misshapen teeth. Ceramic and porcelain are two types of crown materials to look like the rest of a person’s teeth. Dental crowns improve the overall appearance of a face and are always helpful for the patient.

We Should Keep Root Canals Safe

We often do root canals and crowns at the same time. A dentist or oral surgeon will do the root canal surgery, and the tooth will need to be protected. He will put a dental crown over the tooth to protect it and ensure the root canal doesn’t get infected. Visit our prosthodontists in Mckinney, for a well-crafted dental crown and bridges.