The Samaritan Inn is my official charity.

Located right here in McKinney, the Samaritan Inn is a shelter organization that graciously reaches out to families, children, and individuals without a home.  But it’s more than just a place to spend the night.  It’s a comprehensive program that breathes new life into those experiencing homelessness by teaching self-sufficiency and life skills.

To help support my charity, I select one patient at a time and provide them with dental service at no cost. I aim to remove their pain and provide them with the confidence they need to achieve their future goals.


January 2015

Today, I had the chance to meet Prudence, an amazing person from The Samaritan Inn in McKinney. She was referred to me by her caseworker who mentioned that her dental issues were a barrier to her seeking employment.

Her story was both inspiring and frightening.  Just a few years ago, she could afford expensive implant dentistry but found herself in a personal struggle that she had no control over. As a result, she lost everything and became homeless. It was a scary reminder that homelessness can happen to anyone at any time – even to the most financially stable people.

Her crowns were fractured and stained and she came to me to restore her smile. She wanted to feel confident again in her work interviews. I was determined to make it work that day, so Prudence and I spent 5 hard hours hand-carving her custom smile.

In the end, both she and I were ecstatic with the results.  This was by no means a permanent solution, but at least we can both smile at what we achieved today.


September 2014

Amy is from the Samaritan Inn and came to me with pain, infection, and an uncomfortable smile.   I was blessed to have a chance to restore her health and smile and get to know her as a wonderful person. 

To learn more, please visit The Samaritan Inn’s website and Facebook page.

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