Crowns & Bridges in McKinney, TX

Some people suffer from a tooth or teeth that has lost much of its enamel to decay and, therefore, can become weak and brittle. In most circumstances, a crown can be used to restore the damaged tooth or teeth and protect against further deterioration. As part of our dental care services at Red Oak Family Dentistry, we offer crowns made of ceramic or porcelain to fit your dental needs.

Custom made crowns will match your teeth and will not be noticeable to anyone. The crown covers the entire tooth, therefore preventing further decay and adding additional structure to the damaged tooth. Crowns are a simple and long lasting solution to various dental issues.

Dental bridges are used to restore a tooth or teeth that have already been lost or extracted. A dental bridge uses the strong teeth adjacent to the site of the missing tooth to anchor one or more false teeth. The dental bridges will also include crowns over your remaining adjacent teeth to support the restoration and make sure the area is durable.

A dental bridge is a permanent restoration and is attached onto your natural teeth and remains in your mouth unlike removable dentures. Having a dental bridge will restore your ability to chew after tooth loss without having to deal with messy adhesives or slipping dentures.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

The cosmetic dental crowns that we offer are very aesthetic and no one will even know that it’s not your original tooth! Our office uses crowns that are made to match the light-transmitting properties of natural teeth and the crowns will not stain or change color over time. You are guaranteed to love your new smile!

If you have damaged or missing teeth and are interesting in learning more about dental crowns and bridges, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Crowns & Bridges FAQ’s


How long do dental crowns and bridges last?

Dental crowns and bridges can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years or longer, depending on how well they are treated. The best way to keep your crown or bridge in good condition is by visiting our practice regularly for exams and cleanings and practicing good oral hygiene at home. We always check crowns and other dental restorations during routine appointments to ensure that they are still looking good and functioning properly.

Is it painful to have a dental crown placed?

Before a tooth is prepared and the crown is placed, local anesthetic is used to completely numb the area around the tooth. You may feel a pinch when the anesthetic is injected, but it will ensure that the rest of your procedure is pain-free. If you typically experience dental anxiety, Red Oak Family Dentistry offers nitrous oxide treatments, which can help you stay calm before and during your treatment.

How will I know if I need a crown or a bridge?

Our team can assess your smile and then recommend the treatment plan that we think will work best for you. Dental crowns can protect and restore a damaged tooth, restore the cosmetic appearance of a tooth, and hold a dental filling in place. Bridges can do all of those things as well, but they can also be used to replace a missing tooth. If you have any questions about our dental crown or dental bridge services, feel free to get in touch with our team!

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