Restorative Dentistry

With today’s advancements in modern dentistry, we can restore your smile with solutions that are natural-looking, comfortable and highly durable. In fact, Red Oak Family Dentistry is proud to offer the leading options in teeth replacement, including dentures, partials and dental implants. If you have missing teeth, we encourage you to seek tooth replacement sooner rather than later. Replacing your missing teeth not only improves your smile appearance, but it also protects your oral health and helps to prevent bone loss.

Complete Dental Restorations

While your teeth were designed to last a lifetime, not everyone has the privilege of avoiding tooth loss. Factors ranging from severe decay and infection to dental injury and medical conditions can cause patients to lose their natural teeth. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions for those that need to replace missing teeth, whether it is a single tooth or a full mouth reconstruction!

Dr. Do offers the most proven denture systems available as well as complete implants dentistry to ensure patients have access to solutions that replicate their natural teeth better than ever before. Our restorative dental services allow you to eat, chew and speak with confidence once again. Rest assured that our dental team will work hard to help you make the best decision regarding your prosthetic teeth as it relates to your clinical needs, personal preferences and budget demands.

Red Oak Family Dentistry offers the following in the comfort of our McKinney office:

Need help financing your restorative dental treatment? We’ve got countless ways to protect your wallet, including extended payment plans, in-house plans and pre-payment discounts. Remember that your smile is always worth the investment.

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