Dental Fillings in McKinney, TX

Tooth decay is a common dental issue, and many patients end up with at least one cavity at some point in their lives. Red Oak Family Dentistry offers composite dental fillings, which blend in with the teeth and don’t require as much of the natural tooth to be removed as with silver fillings. Whether you believe you may have a cavity or you know you need a filling, our team would be happy to help. Schedule your next appointment with us by giving our office a call today!

The Dental Filling Process

Once tooth decay has been identified in a tooth, it must be removed and replaced, otherwise the decay will continue to spread and cause other complications. A small dental drill is used to carefully remove the decayed portion of the tooth, after which a filling must be placed to restore the appearance of the tooth and help prevent infection or further decay from occurring. Our office uses composite, or tooth-colored fillings, to fill in areas that have been affected by decay. Composite fillings are durable and virtually unnoticeable, making them an ideal treatment option.

Fillings vs. Dental Crowns

Fillings are less invasive than dental crowns, and they can be used to treat very small sections of a tooth that has been affected by tooth decay. Dental crowns are used when a tooth has incurred excessive tooth decay and there is not enough healthy tooth remaining for another filling. Before a crown is placed, some of the tooth will have to be removed, and the tooth is reshaped so that the crown fits over it, which is why we try to treat teeth with fillings over dental crowns whenever possible. However, both options are available at our office.

Dental Filling Repair

Dental fillings don’t require any special treatment once your treatment is complete. They are durable restorations that can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. However, every time you chew or clench your teeth, pressure is being put on the filling, and over time, the filling can become loose. When you visit our office for biannual cleanings and exams, our team will examine your fillings and other restorations as well as your natural teeth, and we will let you know if we believe your filling should be replaced.

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