Understanding Dental Insurance

McKinney TX Family DentistIn a few short months, we will end another calendar year. Have you used your dental insurance benefits yet? Now is a great time to not only schedule your covered dental visits for your family, but also make sure you have a clear understanding what your dental insurance plan offers. Here are some key facts about dental insurance to ensure you are making the most of your investment throughout the year:

PPO is typically best, but make sure go in-network.

PPO dental insurance is known for the best overall coverage. However, there’s a small catch. You must see a dentist who accepts your particular plan. Fortunately, Red Oak Family Dentistry is a preferred provider for several dental insurance plans.

Dental Insurance is a lot like medical insurance, but with a few key differences.

In general, you can expect your dental insurance to work like your medical insurance plan. However, dental insurance often has a much lower deductible, as low as $50 in most cases. Once you’ve met this minimal deductible amount, your dental insurance plan will typically pay a percentage of your treatments going forward until you reach the proposed maximum.

Most dental insurance plans cover two dental cleanings per year, but read the fine print.

Preventive care, or your routine dental cleanings, are critical. Thank goodness dental insurance carriers recognize this, and most plans offer full coverage for two dental cleanings per year. However, there is usually some fine print pertaining to this that you need to be aware of. Typically, the two “free” cleanings only apply when someone does not have periodontal disease. You’ll still get a very reduced rate on your preventive care if you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, but the 100% coverage may not apply the way you think it does.

Still not sure if you really understand your family’s dental insurance plan? Need to schedule your preventive visit to maximize your coverage before December 31st? Call Red Oak Family Dentistry today!

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