The Invisalign Advantage

McKinney TX DentistsAre you looking for a way to straighten your smile without metal brackets and wires? Consider Invisalign. Many adults who want to avoid the social consequences of braces and conveniently improve the appearance of their smile choose this clear orthodontic system. With today’s sophisticated technology and advanced technique, there is no reason to hide your smile due to crooked teeth.

Invisalign is a braces-free orthodontic treatment option that uses a graduated series of clear, custom-fit trays that are worn over a period of time until the desired results are achieved. Invisalign offers the following advantages:

Discreet – An attractive benefit of Invisalign is that others won’t even know you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. The clear aligner trays fit discreetly over your teeth so that you can avoid the visibility of metal brackets and wires as an adult.

Convenient – We all need more convenience in our lives. Invisalign trays are removable for eating and cleaning. This means you’ll have no dietary restrictions and you can keep your teeth extra clean during orthodontic correction, a remarkable advantage over traditional braces.

Comfortable – Because the process is so subtle and gradual, Invisalign treatment is also more comfortable. You can expect mild and temporary pressure after putting in the most recent set of trays, but typically nothing worse. Invisalign is known for gently encouraging the teeth to shift into better position.

Effective – Although Invisalign is more comfortable and discreet, it is no less effective. It can improve a variety of aesthetic concerns, including closing gaps between teeth, straightening twisted teeth, and improving your bite.

Fast – On average, orthodontic treatment using Invisalign takes between 6-12 months. Your specific treatment duration can be better estimated after a consultation.

Is Invisalign is right for you? Give us a call at Red Oak Family Dentistry to find out. We offer a full range of orthodontic treatments, including the leading clear braces options for adults.

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