Reasons for Persistent Bad Breath

McKinney TX DentistBad breath is never welcome. It can be embarrassing to deal with and even compromise your relationships or professional career. Bad breath, also known is halitosis, is an oral health condition that should always be discussed with your dentist, as it can be an indication of another health problem that needs to be treated. Most cases of bad breath can be remedied with more diligent efforts in dental hygiene. However, if you are brushing and flossing well and still experiencing bad breath on a regular basis, it is time to get to the root of the issue. What does your bad breath mean, and how should you treat it?

Potential Causes for Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused by food particles still left in the mouth or a buildup of bacteria on the tongue, teeth or gums. Smoking or chewing tobacco is also a primary culprit to persistent bad breath. If you’ve ruled out these potential causes, your bad breath may be a symptom of something else that is going on elsewhere in the body. For instance, pneumonia, sinus infections, diabetes, acid reflux and liver or kidney failure can all be associated with a foul breath odor.

When it comes to problems in your mouth, your bad breath could be an indication of tooth decay (particularly on the roots of your teeth) or the beginning stages of gum disease, both of which need professional treatment before serious consequences result. Another oral health condition that is known for producing bad breath is dry mouth. Your saliva is needed to rinse away bacteria, dead cells and food debris as well as neutralize the acids in your mouth to create fresher breath.

Your Best Weapons Against Bad Breath

Besides brushing and flossing your teeth, don’t neglect to brush your tongue too. A large majority of the bacteria in your mouth reside on your tongue, so brush it well. Drinking lots of water and avoiding tobacco products can also keep bad breath away. Lastly, see both your dentist and your primary care doctor on a regular basis to ensure that any oral health problem or medical conditions are properly treated before they cause halitosis.

Don’t suffer from bad breath any longer. Get bad breath treatment from Red Oaks Family Dentistry. You deserve to laugh and speak with confidence.

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