Are You In The “No Cavity Club”?

McKinney TX Pediatric DentistryHow many clubs or reward programs are you a member of? If you’re like most, you have frequent user cards for the pharmacy, local coffee shop, grocery store and other favorite stops. Therefore, as long as you’re earning prizes or discounts for drinking coffee or buying food, it only makes sense to get rewarded for keeping your teeth clean, right? At Red Oak Family Dentistry, that’s exactly what we do. Our “No Cavity Club” is a big hit with children and adults alike.

While the biggest reward for keeping your teeth clean is a healthy mouth and strong body, we take it one step further to give patients extra motivation to stay on top of their brushing and flossing routine in between visits. As long you attend your six-month checkup and your exam and x-rays show no evidence of decay, you’ll be awarded our No Cavity Club card. This card is more than a trophy of accomplishment (although you’re welcome to show it off as you like). The No Cavity Club card earns you valued discounts to your favorite hotspots around town. Save money on outings such as fast food, frozen yogurt and even your next haircut!

Tips to Help You Earn Your Membership

The first requirement for membership is that you keep up with your six month cleanings. This is easy; simply call us to schedule your appointment and make it a priority to actually show up. Remember, we are open 7am to 7pm most days of the week, as well as every other Saturday. We like to make it easy for even the busiest patient to find time to see us.

The next prerequisite for our infamous No Cavity Club is keeping your smile clean. We measure that by having a “no cavity” check-up. Brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing daily are your best weapons to battle decay. In addition, opt for a healthy diet and stay away from acidic and sugary beverages (such as sports drinks and sodas). Most patients find that in their quest to avoid cavities, they also end up with whiter teeth and fresher breath!

Want to start earning discounts in the McKinney area? Call today to learn how you can be a member of the No Cavity Club at Red Oak Family Dentistry. We take your dental care seriously, but we also understand how to make it fun!

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