Is Your Smile Keeping You Single?

Mckinney family dentist couple in grass
A great smile is a vital accessory for many people. But did you know it’s also widely considered the most important physical feature when it comes to a person’s attractiveness?

Delta Dental, a national dental insurance company, conducted a study of 1,000 Americans in 2014 to determine the importance of certain physical features in relation to attractiveness and satisfaction with one’s smile, among other dental health-related questions. Almost half of those surveyed – 47 percent – said that a person’s smile was the most important feature, while a person’s body only ranked highest among 16 percent of the participants. Men and women alike ranked the smile as the most important physical feature.

The findings of the Delta Dental survey are echoed in a number of other polls, including’s annual Singles in America poll. This survey (conducted amongst over 5,400 singles) found that potential mates are judged by their teeth first and foremost, followed by grammar and confidence.

What does this mean for you? Maybe it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. While over 60 percent of Americans, according to the Delta Dental study, like their smile, only a third of people wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Small cosmetic treatments could mean the difference between a decent smile and a dazzling one! Is there something you would change about your smile?

At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we offer a number of cosmetic services to get your smile back into shape and get you showing off your pearly whites again! We can whiten your teeth, cover chips or gaps with porcelain veneers, and much more.

When you step out into the dating world, you want to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Why not ensure you’re putting your best smile forward, too? Call us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation.