Healthy Back-To-School Snacks

Dr. Do at Red Oak Family DentistryAs summer comes to a close, it is time to prepare your child for a new school year. While you may be focused on getting those new shoes and endless school supplies, don’t forget to load up on healthy snacks for your kids too. Many parents still have the opportunity to provide a healthy nibble for their child to have during the school day, and what you choose to pack can have a big impact on their health – especially their dental health!

There are good and bad snacks when it comes to your child’s smile. It is important to choose wisely because your child will be eating this snack during the middle of the day, at a time when brushing and flossing are many hours away.

Snacks to Avoid
In general, stay away from sugary and starchy foods. Snacks such as candy, juices, pastries, and sweet crackers will not only fail to fuel your child’s energy for the rest of the day, but they are also the most harmful for their teeth and gums. Oral bacteria feed off of these sugars throughout the day, leading to more bacteria and the formation of plaque. If your child has a sweet tooth, opt for fresh fruit instead.

Tricky and Sticky
The most deceiving snacks are those that seem healthy but can actually pose a threat to your child’s teeth. These include stick or chewy foods such as granola bars, fruit gummies and raisins. While these items are an easy “go-to” snack to pack, try to keep them in moderation. The sugars from these foods will likely prefer to stick to the teeth and gums until your child is able to brush.

Say Yes to Cheese
An excellent snack choice for your child is cheese. Not only does cheese provide a source of protein, but it contains excellent benefits for their oral health. Cheese is neither acidic nor sugary, and it encourages saliva production. We need saliva to neutralize oral acids and rinse away harmful bacteria and food debris. Recent studies show that cheese can help prevent cavities more than any other dairy source!

Drink Water
One of the best additions you can provide for your child during the school day is a simple bottle of water. Water is the best way to keep their smile healthy and clean, and it provides numerous benefits for their body health too.

At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we want to minimize future dental problems as much as possible. Providing snacks and lunches that boost smile health can make a huge difference. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s oral health, please don’t hesitate to call us. We love educating families about the best ways to care for teeth through all stages of life.

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