Dental Care Tips For The Holidays

McKinney TX Family DentistAs you dive into the holiday spirit, don’t ditch your smile health. In fact, you may have to up your game when it comes to taking care of your teeth during the busy season. For many families, the holidays are a time when we tend to stray from our normal routines. Whether it is staying up late, indulging on extra treats or traveling more, it is important to pay attention to your oral care routine throughout the month.

Here are a few tips to ensure your smile health doesn’t suffer at the expense of your holiday fun:

Book Your Dental Appointments Now

The end of the year can be a very busy time at your dental office, especially as patients are trying to maximize their insurance benefits before the year end. If you’ve got a certain dental procedure that needs to be done, don’t wait until the last minute to book – as you may have trouble getting in. In addition, neglecting to treat a dental problem could result in unwanted tooth pain during the holidays, which can put a real damper on your plans.

Travel Smart

Whether you are trying escape the chaos or visiting family and friends, traveling during the holidays is quite common. However, don’t forget to maintain your normal dental care habits while you are away. In addition, protect your toothbrush as you travel so that unwanted bacteria and germs don’t sabotage your trip.

Be Prepared for Extra Sweets

It is highly likely that you’ll snack a little more and “treat yourself” more frequently this holiday season. Whether it is your family tradition to bake sweets or you have multiple holiday parties to attend, your teeth will typically encounter more sugar and acids than other times of the year. Be prepared! Sip water often to rinse away the sugars and don’t forget to brush and floss daily!

Tend to Dental Emergencies

Unfortunately, the holidays can include some unexpected dental trauma. Don’t ignore sudden tooth pain or a dental-related injury in yourself or your child. At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we proudly provide emergency dental care over the holidays. We never want your teeth to be a reason you stop smiling this season!

Need to book your routine cleaning or other dental procedure before January 1st? Call Red Oak Family Dentistry now.

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