Broken Or Loose Fillings? Here Are A Few Tips For You To Follow!

Dentists apply fillings in order to fill your cavities and repair your decayed teeth. Dental fillings are very strong that lets you grind and chew, just like your real teeth. But did you know that sometimes, these fillings can also come loose or break?

How does a filling get damaged?

  • Tooth decay due to poor oral health
  • A serious face injury 
  • Have the habits of teeth grinding or clenching 
  • Suffering from an allergic reaction because of filling material (for example silver, mercury, amalgam)
  • Chewing or biting down hard, crunchy, and sticky food items 

If you notice that your dental fillings are coming loose or broken, or you feel weird when you bite or chew, then never ignore it. Visit your dentist without any delay.

How to deal with a Broken/Loose Filling?

Ease the sensitivity:

The movement of the filling turns that site to be inflamed, sore, or sensitive. When you rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater solution, it can render you temporary relief. You can put in clove oil as well. Or you can simply apply an ice pack to that portion to numb your tooth. 

Do not panic:

Always keep calm whenever you experience an oral emergency issue. There is nothing to worry about at all since fillings can be reapplied instantly. But do not wait much longer to meet your dentist.  

Keep your mouth clean:

When the filling becomes loose or breaks, the tooth cavity is exposed. And this is the reason why it is truly essential to keep your mouth clean and fresh all the time. Try to chew or bite from the opposite side of your mouth. Brush in a proper way and clean your mouth with an antibacterial mouth rinse after every meal. Also, remember to gargle with a good antiseptic mouthwash.

Call the dentist:

If you find any indications that signal a broken or loose filling, you should call your trusted dentist without further delay. Keep the filling with you safely so that your dentist can determine if it can be used again or be replaced. The dentist may have to prep your tooth before he/she gives a fresh filling. If this goes untreated, then your condition may worsen slowly and you may have to undergo a root canal treatment. 

How to prevent a filling from coming loose?

You must know the fact that dental fillings are not permanent. They last between 2 and 10 years. But you can definitely better the structural integrity and durability of your filling by taking a few precautions:

  • Consult a reliable and skilled dentist who will apply your filling in such a way that will remain for long 
  • Avoid chewing and biting on hard and sticky foodstuff which could ruin your filling
  • Maintain a good oral regimen
  • Go to your dentist after every 6 months to check the health of your fillings 
  • You can definitely choose a dental onlay or a crown which is a more durable procedure for tooth restorations

Get the Help You Need!

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