Southwest Dental Conference

hands in the huddle for teamwork

At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we’re committed to continuing education and remaining current on the latest techniques and technologies. Last month, our entire dental team attended the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, Texas. We gained extensive training in a number of areas and had a great time while doing so. Read on to learn more about our trip!

Completed Courses

In order to provide our practice with a wide variety of expertise, Dr. Do and Dr. Rahman completed separate courses. Dr. Rahman completed a course in restorative dentistry and esthetics, while Dr. Do completed an implant and orthodontic course. Dr. Do’s course focused on implant esthetics and identifying children’s early teeth patterns. The course demonstrated techniques to allow for the natural growth of teeth into a straight position through intervention.

Patient Experience

Our patients are our number one priority and we are always striving to improve your experience in our office. As a whole, our team completed a course in creating the best patient experience. We pride ourselves on stocking the office with the most comfortable amenities and truly catering to your needs and concerns. In addition to our patient experience course, we also completed a DISC workshop that allowed us to identify what type of person we are and how we can work well together in the office. This cohesiveness and awareness have taken our care to the next level.

New Technology

During the convention, we observed several technology exhibits. We saw new intraoral scanners that scan teeth and create a 3D model of them, CT scanners that provide a 3D view of the jawbones to look for pathology, and oral cancer detection devices. These modern pieces of technology are currently used in our office.

We had a wonderful time experiencing the convention together and hope to make it an annual team trip. Schedule your visit with Red Oak Family Dentistry to see all of our new learnings in practice!

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