Role Of Saliva In Your Oral Health

Have you ever realized that saliva is an important part of the human body? Most people do not give it a thought. Do you fall in that group as well? Well, if yes then giving this blog a thorough read can be of great help. Red Oak Family Dentistry has always tried to make people aware of topics that are not discussed on a regular basis. Today’s topic is not an exception as well. As you might have figured out from the title, in this blog we are going to discuss the relation between saliva and your mouth.


Saliva plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being of your oral health. It can be defined as a clear liquid that is formed by several glands in your mouth. Saliva is made up of water and consists of a few other substances that are helpful in digestion. You might be surprised to know that saliva also plays a role in strengthening your teeth. It is generally produced when you chew your food. The gland responsible for the production of saliva is known as the salivary gland and is located inside the cheek, at the bottom of your teeth. 

Function of Saliva

Now that you have gained an idea about what saliva is, let us also talk a bit about the function of saliva as well. This will help you figure out how it is related to your oral health as well. 

  • Saliva keeps your mouth comfortable and moist
  • Saliva fights against the infection-causing bacteria
  • Saliva helps to taste, chew and swallow food
  • Saliva helps to keep dentures in place
  • Saliva works on preventing bad breath
  • Saliva consists of proteins and minerals that strengthen the enamel layers and prevent teeth decay
  • Saliva washes away the food particles stuck to your teeth and gums

We hope that you have now understood why saliva is necessary for the well-being of your oral health. It has been seen that some of us do not drink an adequate amount of water. This can cause dehydration which ultimately results in less production of saliva. As you read in the pointers above that the saliva is responsible for washing the food particles stuck in between the teeth and also fight against the infection-causing bacteria. Therefore, little saliva can be the reason behind a dry mouth and initiate an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and plaque buildup. So, drink ample water to ensure the proper flow of saliva in your mouth. Always remember that a healthy mouth can be the key to a healthy heart. Similarly, more saliva flowing in your mouth is also not very healthy. 

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