Get a Smile as Bright as the Summer Sun with Professional Teeth Whitening!

Few things can make an immediate impact on your appearance the way teeth whitening can. After getting their teeth whitened, our patients report instantly feeling more confident showing off their dream smile. If you’ve been considering whitening your teeth, now is a great time to do so: you’ll have a new smile ready for summer fun!

What Are My Options for Whitening My Teeth?

At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we know that no two smiles are alike. Therefore, we offer a variety of professional teeth whitening options to fit our patients’ diverse needs. Whether you’re looking for a slight pick me up for teeth that have yellowed over time or you’re looking for deep whitening for heavily stained teeth, our team can help you find an option that fits your goals and budget.

How Long Does It Take to Whiten Teeth?

The length of time it takes to whiten teeth depends on the procedure we choose to use. For example, our in-office professional whitening can brighten teeth from three to eight shades in as little as an hour! You’ll walk out of our office ready to take on the summer with the smile you’ve always dreamed about!

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

One of the many benefits of professional teeth whitening is that our team can keep a close eye on you throughout the process. This is especially important for patients with sensitive teeth: often, over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments can be uncomfortable for those with tooth sensitivity. In our office, our team will check in with you throughout the whitening process to ensure your comfort.

Don’t waste another day hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed about stains or yellow teeth. Call us today to schedule your consultation for professional teeth whitening and learn how you can start the summer with your dream smile!

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