How to take care of your Kid’s Dental Health?

Healthy dental habits from a young age can help to develop a healthy set of permanent teeth later on in life. If your child suffers from poor dental health then it might adversely impact their chewing, diction, and teeth alignment. Proper dental care from an early age can reduce the risk of cavities, infection, and gum diseases later. We at Red Oak Family Dentistry believe that certain habits must be incorporated into your kid’s daily dental care routine. They have been listed below.

Choice of Toothbrush

Choosing the right toothbrush for your child is an extremely essential step. The wrong choice can result in damaged gums and harm your kid’s oral hygiene. Choose a toothbrush that is the perfect size and fits your kid’s mouth. The bristles must be soft and not excessively abrasive. Allow your child to participate in the selection process. They might want a certain color brush or even with certain decorations. This stimulates interest in the child to brush daily and also makes brushing all the more fun. Do not forget to change the toothbrush as soon as the bristles look worn out.

Oversee while your Child brushes

Please do not leave your children unattended while they brush. It will be difficult for them to reach the nooks and crannies and clean thoroughly. Give them proper directions and guide them through the entire process of brushing. Once your child is done, you can repeat the process one more time to ensure proper cleaning. Supervise them till they reach the age of seven. Caring for your toddler’s teeth can do wonders later in their adult life.

Start Flossing Early

Get your kids into the habit of flossing early on in life. As soon as their full set of teeth appear and the gaps between them are reduced, introduce them to flossing. It helps to get rid of the food stuck in between the teeth. Flossing will protect your child’s teeth from decay and future infections.

Cut down on Sugar

If you want a healthy mouth then you need to be strict with the intake of sugar. Limit the number of candies, chocolates, sugary drinks, and other forms of sugary substances you give your children.  Excess sugar can cause cavities in kids which can lead to serious tooth decay. It can also lead to demineralization. Make sure your children rinse their mouths after consuming these sugary substances.

Go for Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can ask as an extra layer of protection and protect your child’s set of teeth. It is a thin coating of plastic seal that acts as a barrier from harmful bacteria. It is a simple procedure that can improve your child’s oral hygiene and can safeguard their teeth. You can always consider dental sealants for your kids if you want to give that extra dose of security to them.

Regular Dental Visits

You must take your kids to the dentist as soon as they turn two. Regular dental checkups can lead to early detection of serious issues and secure your kid’s future from harmful diseases. Visiting a dental clinic can lead them to take more interest in their dental health. Moreover, the early formation of this habit can ascertain that your children will follow it throughout their lives.

If you live in McKinney, TX and you are looking for pediatric dentistry services then book an appointment with us immediately. Our dentists will take you through a step-by-step guide and help you decide what’s best for your child.