Lunchbox Ideas with Your Child’s Oral Health in Mind

It’s back to school season, which means kids all over America will be heading to school with their lunchboxes in tow. Much like diet in general, the contents of your child’s lunchbox can have a huge impact on their oral health. Too many sugary foods can increase their risk for cavities, while other healthier options may actually strengthen teeth and reduce their risk for other problems. The foods below are dentist-approved and are a great way to incorporate some oral hygiene into your kid’s lunch.


Kids and adults alike love cheese — and so do your teeth! Cheese helps balance the pH of your mouth, which reduces the impact acid can have on your teeth. Cheese is also chock full of phosphates and calcium that strengthens growing bones and teeth.


There’s a wide range of yogurt on the market, from sweet, sugary options to plain, unsweetened natural yogurt. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the plain, unsweetened yogurt is the one you’ll want if you’re looking to strengthen teeth. It contains calcium and casein, two things that can protect enamel.


Even if your child isn’t a huge fan of vegetables, the satisfying crunch of celery may make them change their minds. In addition to being a tasty, refreshing snack, celery contains tons of fiber that scrubs your teeth and massages your gums as you chew.


Like celery, carrots pack a satisfying crunch along with tooth-strengthening properties. Carrots contain keratin, which fights plaque, along with vitamin A that strengthens tooth enamel. Even better, raw carrots act like nature’s toothbrush and can clean your teeth as you chew.


The classic apple is another great source of nutrition and cavity-fighting power. Apples are full of vitamins and natural sugars that neutralize harmful acid in your mouth. Chewing apples also stimulates saliva production that washes teeth clean.

Ask Us About Other Healthy Options

Feel free to ask our team about other healthy options for your child’s lunch. We can also suggest foods to limit for optimum oral health. Contact us today to schedule appointments for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

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