Good Food to Smile About

There’s always a lot of talk about the foods that can damage your teeth, such as those that contain high amounts of sugars and acids. However, what about the foods that are good for your teeth? There are some foods that not only are safe for your smile, but also provide protective benefits against decay. These three “smile good” foods may surprise you:

Cheese. You are probably aware of milk’s benefits towards strong teeth and bones. However, cheese is another dairy choice that promotes good oral health. Cheese stimulates saliva production, which is your mouth’s primary method for neutralizing acids and washing away food debris. Cheese also has calcium, phosphorus and casein, which are key minerals for fighting cavities.

Black & green teas. These types of tea contain high amounts of antioxidants, an excellent weapon for fighting disease anywhere in your body, including your mouth. Black tea even has fluoride, which builds up your enamel for better protection against decay. Tea can cause tooth staining, however, so take proper measures to avoid this drawback.

Chocolate. How’s this for good news? Go ahead and feel better about your treat if it contains unrefined cocoa. This type of chocolate provides a variety of compounds that ward off decay. Be careful here; you’ll have to look for this chocolate in its less sweetened and raw form. If you opt for a candy bar, your efforts for better smile health will quickly be sabotaged by an overwhelming amount of sugar.

As you can see, there are food choices you can make that actually taste good and provide good benefits for your oral health. Many plant-based and fibrous foods are also known for fighting oral diseases. For more tips on what to eat for a healthier smile, please contact Red Oak Family Dentistry. We love helping patients establish positive dental habits at every stage of life.

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