Don’t Believe These Dental Myths

McKinney TX General DentistThere are many misconceptions related to dental care. At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we welcome the opportunity to debunk the following three dental myths:

All Sugar Is Equally Bad For Your Teeth

While it is true that sugar increases your risk for cavities, there are better and worse ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sugary foods and drinks that stick or sit on your teeth throughout the day are much worse than those you can swallow instantly or eat all at once. For example, sipping on a soda while at work can pose a greater threat to your smile compared to eating a candy bar in a single sitting. Likewise, sugars that can stick to your teeth, such as those in raisins or taffy, are worse than chocolate candies that melt away easily. In essence, the longer that sugar sits on your teeth, the more vulnerable your teeth are to harm.

Baby Teeth Don’t Matter

Baby teeth, or primary teeth, do eventually fall out. However, they serve several important roles before they do. Neglecting to care for baby teeth can compromise your adult teeth in significant ways. Baby teeth support proper speech and eating, and they hold the space for the adult teeth to emerge correctly.

Pulling A Tooth Is Just As Good As A Root Canal

It is always better to save your natural teeth whenever possible. When a tooth is badly infected, it may be tempting to have the tooth pulled to get you out of pain in the cheapest way possible. However, there are some major drawbacks to consider before you falsely assume that extraction is better than a root canal. First, missing teeth lead to shifting neighboring teeth and can also cause bone loss in the jaw. Therefore, it will be necessary to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant or other restorative solution. At this point, a root canal becomes a much more cost-efficient option. Root canals can save a tooth that has infected or damaged pulp. In many cases, endodontic treatment allows the affected tooth to last a lifetime!

Are you believing facts or myths when it comes to dental care? At Red Oak Family Dentistry, we want to make sure our patients know the truth about their smile and how to take care of it best. Call our office today to schedule your appointment in general, restorative or cosmetic dental care.

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