Can Acidic Mouthwash Destroy Teeth?

If you bought it in the dental aisle of your pharmacy, it’s safe, right? Unfortunately, you can’t trust each and every product you see on the shelves. Read on to learn why some mouthwashes can actually do more harm than good.

Acid’s Effect on Teeth

Whether it’s in your mouthwash, or in your fruit juice, acid is not safe for your teeth. And, in fact, the majority of mouthwashes available to have too-high acid content. So why is acid so dangerous to your teeth? It actually eats away at your enamel, causing the surface of your teeth to wear away after periods of use.

Enamel Loss

Enamel loss is serious business. That’s because once your enamel begins to wear away, there’s no getting it back. Tooth enamel plays the important role of protecting your teeth. As it wears away, you are left vulnerable to issues including sensitivity, discoloration, pain, and deterioration of the teeth.

Choosing the Right Products

When looking at the products through a scientific lens, it’s a matter of pH. The lower below a pH of 5.5, the more acidic the product will be. Do some research before you buy and choose a mouthwash with a pH higher than 5.5. Bearing this in mind, it can certainly be confusing to find a product to trust. We want you to know that we’re always here to give recommendations for safe and effective products to use on your teeth. Check out our video blog for a more detailed explanation of the perils of mouthwash, as well as some product recommendations.

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