8 Good Qualities to Look For in a Great Dentist



Finding a dentist is easy. But finding the right dentist is hard.  Do you choose based on experienced? Or location? Or simply if they’re nice? There are so many factors that play into what makes a good dentist.  I wrote this eBook because “dental businesses” are springing up and evolving into something frighteningly unrecognizable.  This insider information from an honest dentist is meant to protect you and your family and help you find that lifelong dentist.  And don’t forget to download my free eBook.  It’s got way more bonus information that provides you tips on spotting red flags.

1) A Good Dentist Will Listen to You.

The right family dentist will actually listen to your concerns and will address what you came in for. More importantly, he’ll address your dental problem in the context of you. Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you have a busy family/work schedule? Do you have limited financial resources? A plan that not only addresses your tooth problem but addresses you as a person would be the most ideal.

2) A Good Dentist  Will Educate You About Your Dental Health.

Your dentist should be able to explain in simple terms what is going on inside your mouth. Any concerns are conveyed in a meaningful way and tips are always suggested for improvement. Condescending and lecturing tones need not be a part of the routine.

If dental treatment is recommended, a caring dentist will explain to you why it’s suggested, what the procedure is all about, and give pointers to avoid any similar problems from arising again.

3) A Good Dentist Will Understand Your Pain.

Shots are dreaded by everyone. A dentist using pre-numbing gel and a good hand can make any shot feel less painful or even pain free.  And if you have dental anxiety it does not make you a baby. It’s either rooted in a natural response or linked to a traumatic childhood dental experience. A good dentist will manage your anxiety and accept you for who you are. How romantic!

4) A Good Dentist Will Save You Money.

Dental insurance companies love to play tricks, but a nice dentist will try to work with them to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.  And when it comes to paying for dentistry, not many can afford it all at once. An office that offers a variety of payment plans is one that cares about helping you get what you need.  And warranties are helpful.  It says your dentist is confident that his work will stand the test of time and that he’s got you covered against that sneaky popcorn kernel.

5) A Good Dentist Will Always Be There For You.

We live in the 21st century where everyone’s busy.  Who’s got time to take off time from work to see their dentist.  A dentist that tries to accommodate your schedule by keeping hours to fit your busy life schedule, namely before and/or after work, is an office that understands your lifestyle.

6) A Good Dentist is Conservative.

A sign of a good dentist is one that practices a conservative approach. Not every tooth that has a small crack needs a crown, not every crooked tooth needs a veneer, and in some surprising cases, not all cavities need to be filled. An open dialogue between you and your dentist is key to understanding what is best for you.

7) A Good Dentist Takes the Time to do Good Work.

Your dentist should love what he does. Because why else would he want to take the time to do good work.  He should also be using eye magnifiers.   It helps your dentist see things that the naked eye can’t see. And when dealing with millimeters, it’s critical.  And he should properly allot the proper amount of time for your to get the job done well.

8) A Good Dentist Will Have Good Online Reviews.

Nothing is more reliable than a personal referral, but the next best thing is an online review. They give insight into other people’s experience, whether good or bad. The best reviews are the one’s that actually convey a personal account of an experience. If someone truly likes their dentist (or dislikes), they’ll let you know about it.

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 Until next time!  Have a nice day!


Dr. Anthony Do