How to Fix Your Bad Breath With This Easy Step!

The most common concern I always get from my patients is their concern about bad breath.  And the question I always get is, “How do I get rid of it?”  Of course there are the obvious answers which is brushing, flossing, and eating the correct foods.  But much to everyone’s surprise, that is not the best thing you could do to reduce your dragon’s breath.

A large part of bad breath is sourced to your tongue.  Not just your tongue in general.  But the back of it.  In fact, you’ll know if you have bad breath if you stick your tongue out and notice that it’s anything but pink/light red.  If you’ve got a layer of yellow and white on the back of your tongue, guaranteed, there’s million of bacteria just festering back there.

Now, there is absolutely no way that you could brush this film off. It’s embedded on your tongue.  Your tongue is like a shag carpet.  You can’t just brush it to clean it.  You have to scrape it.  And the way you scrape it is you use something called an Orabrush.  It’s a neat little device that’s a brush and scraper in one.

I’ve found the Orabrush is a great device to scrape the tongue.  There’s just one problem.  The mere thought of touching the back of my tongue makes me want to gag.  So potentially sticking something like a scraper to the back of my tongue makes me shiver.

No worries!  There’s a trick!  I’ve found that if you pinch the tissue tag in front of your earhole (called the tragus) on both sides it suppresses the gag reflex!  Amazing!  But when you scrape your tongue, you’ll only have one hand available to pinch your ears as you’ll be holding the appliance in your other hand.  Don’t stress. I’ve found that if you just pinch one of your ears that it’s enough to suppress the gag reflex.  It’ll take practice but you’ll get it!

Another added bonus if you really want to boost your breath is to put Therabreath toothpaste on the Orabrush.  The toothpaste is an oxidizer that kills bacteria by releasing oxygen and poisoning the bad breath bacteria that can’t tolerate it.

There you go.  Give it a try and let your friends and family know about your new trick!  You’ll be the talk of the party.


Until next time!  Have a nice day!

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