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Drink soda to reduce cavities?

Hey everyone! There’s an issue in my practice that I experience everyday when I’m in my office. And it’s the issue of cavities. It isn’t uncommon for me to encounter a patient that is constantly frustrated with getting cavities or even just surprised that they even have them to begin with. The common response I … View Post

Your Toothpaste Could Be Turning Your Teeth Yellow!

Hey everyone! There’s a topic that’s always been on the forefront of my patients’ minds and that’s “toothpastes.”  Many of my patients always ask which ones are the best ones and my response is always: “The ones that are least abrasive.” You can find out which toothpastes are the least abrasive by looking at their … View Post

How to Fix Your Bad Breath With This Easy Step!

The most common concern I always get from my patients is their concern about bad breath.  And the question I always get is, “How do I get rid of it?”  Of course there are the obvious answers which is brushing, flossing, and eating the correct foods.  But much to everyone’s surprise, that is not the … View Post

Acidic Mouthwashes Are Eroding Your Teeth

As a dentist in McKinney, I get asked this question many times: “What’s the best mouthwash to use?” My answer is always “None of them.”  This is usually followed by a dumbfounded look and a small stretch of silence.  I usually break the silence and follow up with a question and ask why they use mouthwashes in … View Post